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Page 425 published on 30 Comments on Page 425

This week, Kit is a master of stating the obvious! And for this week’s TWC vote bait, Sid and his very very nervous/relieved laugh.

As for my arm, it’s still getting better! I can just about carry a grocery bag (almost) and as soon as I’m sure I can make a page a week without it being tiring, I want to get back to my regular update schedule. But for the next while new pages will still be coming every other week. 🙂

And if you still want to read more comics, a reminder that I have an ALL NEW OTHER WEBCOMIC that just started Chapter 1 called Shattered Starlight! It’s about angry ex-magical girls and stuff 😉


Hi!! I’m Christine (you may know her from work)’s daughter!! I just had a Fey Winds marathon these past two days, and IT IS AWESOME!! The adventures of Kit and her friends are just so funny and well balanced, and all the characters have captured my heart in some way or another. Because of your comic, and because of you beautiful art style, I WANNA WRITE WEB COMICS SOME DAY!!!
Keep being awesome,

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