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kitThe Fox (Kit) is a simple woodland creature who, due to a magical mishap, found herself turned into a human woman. She can use certain kinds of wind, force and lightning magic due to her rare affinity for the Song, the unformed magic that makes up the fabric of the world. Initially she joined up with Larina and Nigel to look for a way to break her curse and revert to her natural shape, but as her adventures progress, her motivations might be changing too. She’s irrationally afraid of dogs, and can’t resist the allure of small, delicious animals like chickens, rabbits and squirrels.


larinaLarina Valadiel is an elven scholar of somewhat mysterious origins, who became cursed with a stone in her forehead that causes her to be spontaneously possessed by wandering spirits. Befriended Kit and later Nigel on their journey around Kep and Findain, and agreed to go adventuring with her irresponsible companions in order to find the way to break her curse. Along the way, she started to wonder if she didn’t bear a second, secret curse: really, really, REALLY bad luck. She still doesn’t know the answer to that one.


nigelNigel Dantalion  is a swordsman from Kaderria, cursed to follow Kit around forever. Little is known about his past, but he’s proven himself to be a loyal friend to Kit and Larina (and no, not just because he’s stuck with them whether he likes it or not). Just don’t ask him directly, he’ll never admit to it.


sidSid, AKA His Royal Highness Prince Sidney Theodorus Cassian Merriweather Findain VIII, is (technically) the crown prince of the kingdom of Findain. A plot hatched by his younger brother to get him out of the line of succession resulted in his being cursed to turn into a dragon when extremely afraid. He was “rescued” from this situation by Kit and co and decided to tag along with them, in the hopes of someday getting rid of his scaly curse, though even he admits that being able to turn into a huge flying reptile is pretty useful. He just wishes his friends weren’t so heavy.


zephZephanias Kessel  is a Thaumaturge from the Kep Academy. He was apparently cursed to look like a demon, and met Kit on the run from a pitchfork-wielding mob. His years of studying the magic of the Rule have given him access to an array of magical powers, but he’s usually too chicken to use them on his own in any given dangerous situation. he knows a spell that makes him sparkle in the sunlight, and is quick to remind people of this fact.


sylpheThe Sylphe was a powerful war-golem created by the evil Strangers to fight in the last war for control of the Seven Kingdoms. Somehow breaking the bonds that tied her to her masters, she turned against them and fought alongside the mortals and the Ancients, becoming something of a legend when she finally disappeared after the end of the war. The artifacts she left behind apparently have considerable power, maybe enough to lift the curses on Kit and her friends.


sigurdSigurd (self-titled Lord of the Dying Light)  was an Ancient sorcerer who turned on his kind and attempted to take over the Seven Kingdoms following the footsteps of the Strangers, before they were defeated by the armies of the humans and the fey. He was betrayed by his first war golem, Sylphe and spent the next century trying to track down her remnants to use to bring his second war golem, Keres, to life. He’s now the last of the Ancients who remain alive in the world, and doesn’t plan on letting the mortals forget about him.


keresKeres is an extremely powerful, destructive war golem, created by Sigurd from the spirit that remains in the ruins of the Ancient’s home world. She is forced into servitude by her creator’s magical chains, but she has plans of her own that don’t involve being the slave of a creature whose rightful place (according to her) is grovelling at her feet. No one is surprised to learn that her plans involve a lot of death and destruction.


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