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This week: Goodbye caves and hello, Trashy Gasbag roadtrip… minus the roads!(No vote bait this week, TWC’s still a bit messed up for me!)

Updates are still going every other week for the time being, but my arm continues to heal! I’m almost back to normal though, which is a great feeling 😀

PS: If you still haven’t checked it out, I also have my other webcomic, Shattered Starlight updating now!


…And then we’ll find out that the Trashy Gasbag is alive and very disappointed by our gang’s behavior.

hi hi

Judging from the lighting, I’m guessing that they are heading vaguely to the Northeast. At least, that is assuming they didn’t spend all night down in the tunnels.

I’m having a lot of fun imagining silly flying noises for the Trashy Gasbag. Right now, I’m imagining it is making childish spaceship noises. *brrbrbrbewewew* I wonder if there is a branch of magic out there that requires silly noises as part of its verbal components…

*Somewhat to the tune “A Whole New World”*
Please just stay where you are.
There’s a monster beside you, drooling, slavering, hungry
For a taste of your brains!!
A mutant squirrel!
He spews fantastic mutant goo!
Now he chews a car, and throws it far!
Don’t run away-
-from Mutant Squirrel!

I wonder if they have blankets. It gets mighty cold in those upper layers.

Hi there. Just catch up on this webcomic here. What a ride. So mutch fun and drama in a perfect balance. Wow i say. The art and style is a mather of taste, but i will hang here for the story between the party and the great plot. I cant complain.
Now how do i pay for your continiue work?

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