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Page 424 published on 22 Comments on Page 424

This week, more emerging from the darkness into the sunlight! (And in case it’s not super clear from the page, that’s the Mulan-style avalanche they were hoping for before Keres zapped them out of the sky the first time… hopefully they’ll be luckier in the newly-launched FWS Trashy Gasbag!)

My arm in still getting better, and I’m soooo almost there but still determined to take it as slow as I can, so updates will still be sparse for a while. In the meantime, for this week’s TWC vote bait, it’s Larry being heroic and determined.

And if you still want to read more comics, a reminder that I have an ALL NEW OTHER WEBCOMIC that just started called Shattered Starlight! It’s about angry ex-magical girls and stuff 😉

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