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The comic

Kit used to live a simple life, an “innocent woodland creature” kind of simple life. But then a curse turned her human, and now, with her adventuring buddies (and their own curses), she’s on a quest to uncurse herself and her friends (hopefully), find magical treasures (unlikely) and stay ahead of the trouble that seems to be chasing them around the Seven Kingdoms (not gonna happen)… and maybe a raid a chicken coop or two on the way!

Fey Winds is an online graphic novel that’s been updating since 2006. Currently the update day is Thursday, but since I work on Fey Winds in my spare time, the exact day can change based on my job’s workload. It’s mostly silly, but there are occasional scenes of graphic violence and a sprinkling of dirty jokes here and there so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The author

Nicole Chartrand is a concept artist in the game industry by day, and a comic creator by every other waking moment, pretty much. She hasĀ a lot of feelings about video games, comics, manga, anime and fantasy/sci-fi novels. In 2015 she won the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Webcomics Creator for her work on Fey Winds. She lives in Montreal with her spouse, is probably drinking coffee right now and will definitely talk your ear off about Bloodborne if you give her half a chance.

She also draws and writes the angry washed-up magical girl webcomic Shattered Starlight!
Twitter: @mocha_zombie
Email: feywinds at gmail .com

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