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Page 423 published on 33 Comments on Page 423

Finally emerging out of the dark chasm into the sunlight?! That could be a metaphor for how I’ve felt this winter/since last summer! 😉

So before I say anything else, I just want to say thanks to all the people who’ve been reading and commenting, with the whole borked elbow thing you guys have all been SO AMAZINGLY SWEET!! I’m taking good my stupid arm though, so don’t you guys worry! And I’m getting a bit better every week too!

I’m still playing it by ear with regards to when the next page might be up, but in the meantime, for this week’s TWC vote bait, have a close-up of the one person who isn’t too thrilled with how things are playing out!

And if you still want to read more comics, a reminder that I have an ALL NEW OTHER WEBCOMIC that just started called Shattered Starlight! It’s about angry ex-magical girls and stuff 😉

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