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Starlight & PDFs

Starlight & PDFs published on No Comments on Starlight & PDFs

Hey guys!

I’m still convincing my elbow that it loves me and wants to be my friend again, so no ETA on pages yet, but I do have a couple of things this week!

Exhibit A:

I’ve got the PDFs of Volume 1 and 2 up on my Gumroad Store, whee! For those interested in the print versions, stay tuned for a while longer!

And Exhibit B:

Now, since I can’t draw to update Fey Winds, I haven’t started updating Shattered Starlight yet, but I did make one new image (and arm test drive!) and a shiny new site you may or may not have seen, in case you want to add it to your bookmarks! 🙂

As for the elbow, it’s going pretty well. The doc has sent me back to work, and while my arm is usually a little mutinous by the end of the day, it’s still inching its way back to normal. I hope I’ll feel strong enough to start making comics again in the next couple of weeks, but even if I’m not, my Elbowpocalypse seems to be slowly wrapping up!

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