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New Coat of Paint

New Coat of Paint published on 29 Comments on New Coat of Paint

Welcome to the new version of Fey Winds! (It hasn’t changed all that much mind you)
I’m still in the middle of finishing it up, so don’t be alarmed if there are a bunch of broken image links and the archive only goes up to Chapter 2 (btw, the archive only goes up to Chapter 2). I’ll be back at it (the site part at least) tomorrow, and things should start to look done by then! 😉

Unfortunately, when it comes to the “actually updating the comic” part, I’m still not allowed to draw for at least another 2 weeks. For those who haven’t been following my elbow misery, here’s a recap: Late last year I fell on some ice and flipped my elbow inside out waaaay farther than it’s supposed to be able to bend. It was gross, there were snapping sounds and a lot of rolling on the ground reconsidering my life choices. I was afraid it was broken, but actually, the bones were probably the only parts of it that came out unscathed. Since then I’ve been mostly unable to work and draw (and type and play games, alas) but I’ve been getting steadily better over the past few months!

I’m slowly going back to work (but that doesn’t mean I’m allowed to go back to comics yet) and I’m waiting on a clean bill of health and then some before I start drawing comics again. I’m hoping sometime in March, but I can’t (and won’t!) rush it. So in the meantime, please bear with me, and I hope you like the new layout!! 🙂


I was actually wondering why there hasn’t been an update in so long. You know I actually thought you were dead. Thank God you aren’t. But wait. If you can’t draw? Who drew the New Year’s Eve update?

I like the new look – it’s a little bit cleaner, if that makes sense. Hope your elbow feels better soon! I find it frustrating when I’m having to rest and recover, because I always have things I want to do. Hopefully you’re taking it better than I would. 😉

When I clicked my bookmark and promptly got a “Page not found”, I thought Feywinds was dead, yikes.

Best of luck on your elbow.

I could probably have done the transfer with a bit more warning, I admit!

I wasn’t expecting to change my site quite when I did. My old host is shutting down and with my elbow stuff I hadn’t really worked on the site until the 11th hour, and by then I figured I might as well just push the new version… XD

A word or two of caution. Hold fast to your determination to wait until you are fully healed. All too often, when people are 85% or so healed, they start to feel like their old selves and immediately go back to their normal routines and end up re-injured.
Take your time and then wait another week or two. Your readers can wait.
By the way, I love the comic. Take care.

Love the new layout, hope you didn’t push your luck with the injury getting it set up. To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t even mind waiting another few months until you’re beyond a shadow of a doubt good and healed up to see a new comic – gives me plenty of time to reread back through the archive.

The new site is looking good! (although it was awkward because I recommended your comic to some people just as you changed sites so I gave them all the wrong URL hahaha whoops)
I hope you recover well! Take as much time off as you need until you’re fully healed; I’ll just read through the archives again in the meantime… and think up more questions about goats and Sid *muahaha*
(jk, I’ll stop pestering you with questions haha)

hi hi

I hope your arm not only gets better, but does some kind of, like, super healing where it comes out better than before. But I’ll settle for getting better.

Also, I made you a little something. 🙂


(but seriously, thank you so much!! as for super healing, right now I’m just aiming for “as good as before” but I’ve got a lot of exercises and stuff that if I keep up with, it’s possible that I could end up better than before, so maybe I’ll super-heal! Just not super-fast…) 😉

(and thank you so much for the picture, again!!)

What is the name of the plugin you used on the header? It’s genius!

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