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I still can’t draw pages (limiting myself to drawing only a few hours a week outside of work until my elbow gets a bit better) but I’m planning for big things once I actually can draw again! One of those things is doing some art livestreaming, and tonight I set up my channel and drew a sketch of Kit for about an hour and a half. (i miss drawing so bad lol) Right now the stream’s offline, but you can bookmark my picarto channel for the (undoubtedly glorious) future (when I can make comic pages again and conquer the world etc)!


first things first, I really pity whoever’s on the receiving end of some foxiewrath. secondly, hurrah on your continued recovery. thirdly, an update on the feywinds RPG, the character creation is almost finished, next on the docket is combat.


I remember you talking about this but it fell through the cracks of Elbowpocalypse!
if you still have questions just shoot me an email! (but be advised FW “canon” probably doesn’t stand up to any kind of sense or logic) 😉

also: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Hey when you say rpg I have a few questions (sorry if these have been answered in the past, I don’t usually read the comments on here.) 1) are we talking pencil and paper? 2) if so are you using a d20 system? And 3) how will said rpg (manuals or other necessary materials) be available

Just out of curiosity have you found that being out of the game for so long is giving you dangerous ideas later at night that you think back on in the morning and cringe.
“I know, I’ve thought of a much better idea for where the story is going to go. Mwa ha haa, needs more alien abductions! If only I could draw right now”

Not really (but not for lack of dangerous ideas)! Fey Winds has been planned out for a while now, and it’s close enough to the end that I don’t want to change anything major before I get there! And Starlight is still just starting so this hasn’t happened yet XD

But not being able to draw for month has given me a whole bunch of dangerous/terrible ideas that I’ve tried to channel into novel-ish writing projects instead. My prose is uh… pretty basic let’s say, so I won’t be making these public anytime, but it’s been great for keeping me motivated during Elbowpocalypse! (and who knows, maybe I’ll make a book with no pictures someday) 😉

Mmmm…. Up to date. I must have missed notes on previous pages. Hope your injury is still healing well.

My arm is healing slowly but surely! I can draw (and work) now but still not enough to do both comics and my day job. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a new page up in the next few weeks and see how it goes from there 🙂

I wasn’t able to give a lot of notice because halfway through my recovery (aka No-Drawing-Jail) I made a new site for the comic … but since the old one was really hand-made and rickety I couldn’t transfer over any of the notes or comments on the pages XD

Thanks for filling me in!

Don’t rush yourself (I’ve read the other reply you left here “today”), take your time in getting better or it could get worse!

I used to do a lot of presentations and such, public speaking (yeah, people do that of their own volition)… until I injured my throat. It didn’t take long for me to realise (2-3 weeks) that I was going to make it a permanent injury if I didn’t stop to heal (after that for a long time, I didn’t use painkillers unless absolutely necessary, I wanted to know if it was hurting and how much).

Remember the twitter person with the borked up shoulder? Hi! I’m still in sling-purgatory. Want to play “What pain meds did they give you?” I have 600 mg ibuprofen (which does f all for pain but hey, my arm isn’t going numb anymore so yaaay) and 10 mg of Flexiril, a muscle relaxer. It makes me go ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Ah man, I hope your sling-purgatory ends soon! They never gave my anything for pain ever (the jerks)! XD But not being numb is a really nice feeling, so yay! I’m starting to feel pretty good (minus random bad days) but now I have to battle my own impatience to be better… We will win the war (eventually!!) 😀

Hello again!
Huh, seems like my arm has decided to commiserate with yours, because I’ve just gotten a mini-elbowpocalypse of my own in the middle of college midterms (but it’ll likely only last a few days and not a few months..). It’s not serious enough to prevent me from writing (just really, really annoying), but gah– I don’t know how you’ve survived this far. I’m not even succeeding in trying not to use this arm, and it’s already driving me nuts! My compliments to you for maintaining your sanity for so long, you must have a very deep reserve of patience!

Glad you’re doing better hun! It’d be a shame to not have you drawing! That talent is too good to waste. I’ve been reading the site for years! AND I still have the happychannel sketch! <3 the other bear, Nymphis.

AAAAAAAAHHHH BEAR TWIN!!!! How are you doing?! It’s been so long! (I haven’t played WoW since pandas & LFR made playing not so fun, but I do miss the good old days of happychannel and Northrend…ahhh!)

I’m glad I’m feeling better too! I read a TON of books this winter, but it’s nice to be able to get back to making things!

I totally missed the elbow story, had to go back and find out what happened. Yikes! I feel ya with the elbow thing, beginning of February I fell and gained a compression fracture on my left (thankfully) elbow. Was stuck in a cast until last Thursday and OMG the pain of having to use an arm that’s been immobile for so long? It was almost as painful as the original break! Still can barely use it (the local hospital is closing so I don’t have access to PT) but yeah… Totally understand having to slowing work your way back into things. Feel better!!

Ah that’s terrible! It sucks that you can’t get PT though. For me, the sessions themselves weren’t super helpful, but the homework exercises were the main thing that helped me get better, I think. That and swimming. I’m still doing exercises twice a day (Four months later I can do push-ups again! WOAAAAHHHH Ok, only like… 6 but my upper body strength has always sucked so…) I hope you feel better soon too!!

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