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Page 500 published on 15 Comments on Page 500

I’m going to be real for about 3.5 seconds and say how thrilled/shocked/amazed/grateful I am to be hitting 500 pages! It’s not a lot and it was slow AF compared to many other webcomics, but I’m incredibly grateful for all my readers past, present and future! We’re getting into the last [insert sport match length metaphor of choice] of the story, and I’m honored to have y’all still with me for the journey!


Nice! I am so grateful that you did not give up on Fey Winds even though you have so many other obligations and, you know, the life happens. I have been reading FW since the page 50 was published or so and I’m here for the ride until the very end! (And possibly for some future projects of yours.) All the kudos to you, Nicole, you are amazing! Thank you for continuing at whatever pace you are able.

I’ve been following this comic since I was in early high school (I’m in my mid 20s now!) and it’s honestly been such a joy reading along the entire time. I feel like I’ve known these characters for so long and it makes me so happy seeing how far they’ve come, how your style has progressed, how the story has unfolded. Huge congratulations on 500 pages! I’m so so SO dang excited to see what happens next, and I’ll be cheering Kit and the gang on from the sidelines!

oh gosh, I’ve been here for something like…… 10+ years now (I made (retrospectively quite embarrassing) art of Zeph many years ago that won… one of the contests you were holding, I think? gosh, it’s been so long lol), it’s weird to think that we’re getting into the home stretch. gonna be the end of an era

congratulations on the milestone! c,:

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