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*gets distracted by the beautiful background characters* NO, FOCUS!

Yes, I was thinking that, they are unusually attractive for background characters!

Ahh, “beautiful background character in the main character’s story” is an occupation I wouldn’t mind. None of the hassle of a dangerous quest but a little bit of page space to call your own.

“What’s that boy? Larina fell down a well, again! Oh, the goat did. We are in a bit of a hurry, so he can just… Fine, but only because he’ll foul the water. What, Hellspawn? It’s a magic well, and he’s already fouled it, and now it’s angry…”

Oh my gosh!!! Did you just cameo Exiern?! That totally looks like Peonie and Typhan-Knee! Sorry, I get excited easily. Can’t say I’ve ever seen them cameo’d before. On a side note: I really like the background in panel 3. And the fact that apparently puppy’s name is officially hellspawn now.

Assuming you are still working on filling book one orders, cons, etc., are we going to be able to buy a dead tree version from you? As usual, I missed the kickstarter, but still desperately want the book. Lay in the floor and cry desperately, even.

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