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That’s kind of great. In my world “Borked” means broken or malfunctioning. But when I looked it up to see if I was using it right, I found that an older meaning of bork is “to obstruct through systematic defamation or vilification.” Hellspawn is communicating! And taunting them.

Yeah, “Borked” was named for Robert Bork, who was denied a seat on the Supreme Court of the US back in 1987 due to political infighting. Did you get that definition from Wikipedia, by any chance? 🙂

Well, Wikipedia *is* often one of the first results from Google. What I found more amusing was the number of pages were someone was deriding others for using the slang word “incorrectly” to mean broken, as if the English language works that way.

Although, “Bork and Mindy” would make for a great piece of fan-art.

English (especially the US version of it) is the closest approximation of pure chaos that humans can speak. It’s like an amoeba, growing by making up words, stealing words from other languages (euphemistically called “loan” words) or by mangling the meaning of existing words. I tend to consider the term “Proper English” to be an oxymoron. ^^

I have no problem with Wikipedia, it’s just that you can tell the writer’s opinion more easily by the choice of words than yu can in other

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