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I feel that nigel should have a teeshirt that says “100% normal human, average schlub, nothing magical about me move along”

Nigel teeshirt “100% normal human, doing normal human things here”.
I’d buy one.
Especially if it had some bizarre happening only Nigel could end up in on it.

Oh come on. Nicole just finished a Kickstarter.
Mind you, I would buy one also.

I probably wouldn’t run a KS for a shirt but taking a look at potential merch stores is on my long-term to-do list, so maybe someday!

(some days I feel like I could use a shirt that says “I AM A PERFECTLY NORMAL HUMAN DOING NORMAL HUMAN THINGS” just to remind people…) 😉

It’s funny the way Sid is tripping over his words to be polite. Though of course Kit and Nigel take the cake for funny this page.

. . .

Never thought of “tch” as an annoying-shounen-protagonist thing, but now you mention it, I see what you mean! But it’s all good so long as she doesn’t take anything more from that playbook, like defiant speeches and talk about friendship and such… :p

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