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Is that garlic I see hanging in the inn’s lobby? Do they have a vampire problem? o.O v¯¯v

I’m not sure it isn’t more ropes with floats, which does seem to be a city-wide theme, but there is a lot of foliage about. There’s at least 5 plants/flower arrangements inside their room, and panel 1 suggests a windowbox on every window as well.

Perhaps its a werewolf problem and the flowers are wolfsbane/aconite – in which case they’re clearly not working on our favourite wyrdfox

I like the Final Fantasy style inn setup with four beds taking up most of the room.

Never been to an Ibis? Space wise, this looks rather like many low-budget hotel rooms I’ve stayed in. Much better decorated though. 🙂

What’s an Ibis? Myself, I’ve never seen a low-budget hotel room that had more than two beds in it, but I’ve never traveled outside the U.S., either.

Oh, they’re low budget hotels, an international chain. But you’re right, I’ve never aeen one with 4 beds; rather, with 2-3 beds taking up most of the room. It was the last part I was aluding to.

And that’s the mid tier. Ibis “budget” hotels are quite bizarre, a shoebox room with bed and bunk that I’ve found identical in layout in places as far removed as England and Australia…

But if you’re looking for 4 beds in one room in real life, that kind of thing is pretty common too, in hostels. Actually 4 beds is pretty liberal with space, I’ve stayed in 16-per-room sometimes… ?

“The Gangly Duck “… sounds like something one of those ubiquitous name generators would throw up… :p

Kit is doing much what I would do after a hard day as she’s had. Flomping onto beds is great. But I feel weir associating with Kit, who I’ve never really thought of as the wisest of hapless woodland creatures, never mind demi-humans…

“fate of a city or two-“, or more if they fail.

What would the Greek messenger, Pheidippides, think of that?

Or perhaps the WWI dog, Satan, that crossed no-mans land to reach besieged French soldiers with news of hope and two messenger pigeons. Even after getting hit by two bullets, one breaking a front leg.

The dog’s trainer was killed by a sniper, when he shouted so the dog would hear him and take courage.

Consider Private George William Chafer who received the VC with the recommendation:
“For conspicuous bravery during a very heavy hostile bombardment and attack on our trenches, a man carrying an important written message to his company commander was half buried and rendered unconscious by a shell.

“Private Chafer, at once grasping the situation, on his own initiative, took the message from the man’s pocket, and, although severely wounded in three places, ran along the ruined parapet under heavy shell and machine gun fire, and just succeeded in delivering it before he collapsed from the effects of his wounds.

“He displayed great initiative and a splendid devotion to duty at a critical moment.”

One of Ben Franklin’s witticisms, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”, especially applies to delivering messages that untold lives depend upon.

Not to mention that the last time they saw Keres, they weren’t very far ahead of her! Do they really think they’ve gained enough on her that they have time for a good night’s sleep before warning everyone? If so, why do they think that?

Perhaps they feel they’re going to collapse with exhaustion after handling a very magical, very decrepit ship for several days. Perhaps they feel grungy and like they’d come across as crazy people, if they tried to warn anyone in their present state? Perhaps they need to get their bearings and figure out which of the locals to talk to, and the middle of the night is not the best time to do that? I can think of a few reasons…

A) The team did switch jobs and allow people to sleep/recover during the trip to the city.

B) “grungy” ? In a quite primitive society? With a semi-fox, goat, elf and other life forms?
So the ‘right’ thing to do, when everyone’s life is in serious danger, is to freshen up??
— That is called failing too get one’s priorities in the right order.

C) “come across as crazy people”?
— Basically another self image ego issue.
— The priority is to warn people to save lives. With or without “the right people”.
— Frightening news, just like pending disaster news is never readily accepted. Especially, by those in power who are most threatened. This will not change for the better in the daytime.

Rationales that are frankly self indulgent and self serving.

When people bring information regarding a pending disaster, ask yourself who you would believe:
1) A person taking the situation as seriously as the situation portends?
2) A person who is not concerned, took their own sweet time, made absolutely zero effort to locate officials, responsible persons or critical people, slept and ate for as long as they desired?

Basically, the team fails to display any urgency or serious concern and attention needed to protect the city or citizens.

-Is the situation an emergency? – Check.
-Is the situation dire? – Check.
-Will more people die if they do not have sufficient time to prepare, hide or hide? – Check.

Far be it from me to tell people what to think of my comics, but I will say you might be taking this a teeny-tiny-bit too seriously. 😉

(they’ve been sleeping in shifts spending all their energy keeping the airship flying, without much food or water, and they haven’t seen a sign of Keres on their trail for days at this point. Kit is being flippant about it because a) this is Kit, and b) this comic is a comedy based on D&D and anime, not real life conflicts….

…..but eventually they’ll have to rest and eat a little bit or all Keres will have to do is walk up and push them over and that’ll be the end of the story!)

(Maybe that’s been her diabolical plan since the start…)

As you decide, Nicole. Your world, not ours.

Keres, apparently, will walk over them anyway then; without the city and populace prepared, ready or absent.

Or to place that in slightly similar terms, you see someone you know and fear carrying a gas can and torch towards town. Does it make more sense to wash, eat, sleep, before warning authorities?

I may be making more of the comic, than you are or think we should; but your current comic page displays the characters as self centered, self indulgent and quite apathetic towards the emergency they know darn well is approaching.

Personalities, key characters have not displayed before to this level. Rather, outside of occasional selfish outbursts, their personalities have been aggressively protective of each other and the world at large.

Still, your comic, your world, your choice.

Watching characters I have enjoyed to date suddenly turn self indulgent and very lax towards danger imperiling everyone; the less I understand their lives, desires, protective nature and responsibilities.

c’est la vie.
Though not my life nor my understandings. As I presented above, the role of messengers places their personal appearances, comforts, rest status last, always.
Militarily, messengers must immediately report upon arrival or suffer severe punishment. In business, when I carried a critical message, I delivered it immediately upon arrival.

When I worked under deadline, the deadline mattered; sleep, going home were all secondary. When a system I was entering/correcting budget data closed on me, I and my workers went home to sleep after more than 24 hours awake.
Two hours later, the management who closed the system opened it back up again and called us to return to work; immediately. All to fix a disparity of $47 in a half billion dollar budget.

Messengers that choose to relax or linger in comfort instead of announcing critical news demonstrate by their actions, their lack of concern or interest.

i.e. actions are far louder than words. Lackadaisical action signals lack of personal concern, always, in all walks of life.

I’ve responded several times stating the same issues, pointing out historical and social mores governing messengers delivering messages. Even I can recognize when one is beating a dead horse.
I believe you have a plan and script which you plan to follow.
Your comic, your world, your characters, your script; Good luck.

Sorry, but if you and your workers thought that working for 24 hours straight in the name of a deadline AND coming back to work 2 hours later for the sake of 47$ is in any way, shape or form acceptable, you have no right to give anybody lessons about priorities.

Just chill out and enjoy the comic. Or don’t 😉 But you should be a little more appreciative of all the work Nicole puts into this amazing story.

Your comment involves personal diminution. Demeaning my life, accomplishments and co-workers, while sitting in judgment and rebuking me followed by an ad hominem then giving an order/command.

Not forgetting your baseless assumption, without evidence, that I do not appreciate Nicole’s work.

Your commentary is that of an adolescent playground bully. You deserve zero consideration and will get no other responses from me.

You are out of line and you need to watch your own tone and assumptions before policing that of others. I invite you to drop this thread. Everything that could possibly have been said has been and anything further will be chucked in the spam. I appreciate your vehement interest in this one page of the comic but enough is enough. 🙂

As you wish, Nicole:

I am puzzled why you allow someone to insult me, insult my work, insult my coworkers and company, make value judgments regarding my actions then allege criticisms that I did not make, ever!

Yet, I am the guilty party. I spoke my thoughts, defended them with history and facts and along the way, pointed out a internet bully.

I am puzzled why you dislike me, which is somewhat apparent in your comments.

I did not insult, assume or presume.
I admit, I have never been nor will be a toady.
If my compliments are insufficient, well that’s me.

Tell you what, outside of David Gillon and Soirbleu; commenters here have not been enjoyable.

When the Fey Winds book arrives, I’ll pass it on to someone; without suggestion, on where to find Fey Winds online. You need never be bothered by myself nor anyone I might know.

I apologize for supporting you.
I apologize for bothering to comment here.
Go ahead, dislike my comments.
Hate my presence.
Insult my opinions.
Allow others to insult my beliefs, moral code, life and co-workers.

Perhaps, you deserve those supporters.


I think you’re not really thinking this through very well.
First off: (TL;DR: This isn’t the same situation as any of the provided military examples. You want to not look like a crazy bum when ranting about an invading force of magical doom.)
This is a city/large town with some form of ruling class. This isn’t the modern world, nor is it the military.
A common theme is many stories and games is that people who look like ruffians are treated as such.
If i walked up to you covered in dirt and grime, smelling of 4 days worth of not showering, stammering from a lack of proper sleep and sustenance, and said “Th-there’s a band of soldiers on their way here….an-an-and they’re coming to kill us ALL!” Would you believe me, or would you think I’m a crazy person?

You are indeed correct that when modern soldiers are delivering messages over “short” distances, they often don’t shower or sleep. This is a vastly different scenario. Our protagonists aren’t known to this governing body, and therefore have no real merit to their words. Whereas in your military examples, you are a known member of the group you are sending an urgent message to, and are already at war/in conflict with the opposing group you are trying to warn about.

Sorry again for deleting your reply, Wayfinder, but I think it’s best for everyone involved if we call the matter closed and just let it go. 🙂

(No harm done on my end, but like I said earlier, everything that could be said has been said on the topic!)

Only $.25Bn? Try $10-20Bn, plus questions in parliament and national headlines in four countries when you’re late.

When I worked under deadline pressure, people’s lives actually depended on our work being right (fly-by-wire stuff for the Boeing 777 and military fast jets). I was literally the last step in proving several man-centuries of work was complete, and the pressure was sufficient I usually ended up with a good quarter of the 120 person team temporarily reporting to me for the final couple of weeks of each phase. Did I work all hours? No. Not much point in trying to do the job if I was too stupidly tired to be able to talk customer QA through the evidence that we had done every change that was required and properly tested it in order for them to sign it off as cleared to fly.

During 777 flight test we actually did have work going on 24/7, as it took 13 hours just to compile the programme (also my job), and we needed to turn around customer changes to fly the next day, but we figured out a system where I’d kick off the build before going home in the UK and someone on Seattle-time could watch the progress through the night and only wake me up to call me in when needed. If it did go wrong, I need to be sufficiently compos mentis to figure out what was going wrong, across 100 or so softies work, and throw it back to the guy whose problem it was as soon as he got in.

Our working systems were assessed as CMM Level 5. That meant that at the time, our processes were literally world class, there was no higher rating (particularly for software that was also hard real-time safety-critical). Spending every hour god sends at the coal face is not working smart (as the safety history for coal mines that cut corners rather clearly demonstrates!).

Preventably poor preparation leads to positively poor performance.

“Preventably poor preparation leads to positively poor performance.”


Nitpick: My total responsibility was $0.75 billion.
The difficult deadline portions of our budget; workhours and expenses were $.5 billion.

Our revenue and capital expenditures budget were much less demanding and comprised the remaining $0.25 billion.
Responsibility at National and International levels is exactly as you describe.
I did get promoted to HQ staffing; one of a host.
Overall responsibilities are as you describe, but there were fewer soul crushing deadlines. Fewer managerial executives above greatly reduced worker-bee toil and strife.

I certainly do not envy you, your position. It sounds like you are the right person at the right time in the right place.

Fey winds characters are the right persons, in the right place. Now, are they going to fulfill the demands of prevention and planning at the right time?

Kudos to your efforts and devotion!

My great uncle picked up the Military Medal for keeping 1st Airborne’s divisional HQ connected whenever artillery took out the phone lines to the subsidiary HQs at Arnhem, and also for taking some time off to borrow a Bren gun and go hunt down a sniper who was making a nuisance of himself*.

Sometimes making sure the message gets through is important, sometimes it’s taking the trouble to sort out the problems beforehand that makes the difference.

They’ve been on the run for days, they’ve got next to no gear, they’ve just survived been dumped in the harbour and Kit probably smells like a wet dog. All four of them are potentially in the ‘anathema, burn them!’ category and there’s a significant chance they won’t be listened to. Taking the time to sleep, eat and clean themselves up before delivering their message actually makes an awful lot of sense.

* It’s never a good sign when the signallers at divisional HQ are winning medals for courage under fire.

Your Grand Uncle is a true hero. Every member of the 1st Division is a true hero; and the 1st Division’s courage, resolve, determined feats at Arhem are the stuff of legend. May their kind and ambitions live forever!

I can not imagine any of those soldiers taking time to sleep and clean up before delivering time and life critical warnings.
Indeed, as you describe in another comment, you do not waste time on frilly appearances or creature comforts when lives and property are on the line.

Afterwards, definitely.
If I remember correctly, Once British heroes delivered messages, but before they were introduced up the chain of command, they were fed and allowed to clean up.
But messages were already delivered then and appropriate staff considering/planning/acting on the information.

The British 1st Division signalers were under tremendous pressure the entire time at Arnhem; especially since their radios were not communicating with the air force.
That the signalers succeeded in keeping communications working in a city full of enemy Panzer and heavy armor troops is an astounding accomplishment.
Heroism came as a result of their devotion to duty.

British soldiers at their finest!
Long live the British armed forces, and especially their Parachute forces!

Still, rest, recuperation, intercourse, feasting, intoxication, whatever, after delivering messages.

The words “without being burnt at the stake” had just left her lips when Heretic Hunters rose from their hiding spots within the mattresses!
“Blasphemers and heretics at last!” they cried, “We were cooped up in these mattresses way too long!”
Goat Zeph merely sat chewing on their cloaks disinterestedly.

Kit clearly couldn’t wait to get her ears and tail out!

I imagine it would be somewhat like eating too much at a restaurant and unbuttoning your pants as soon as you get into the car, for her.
Also, I thought of this comic over the weekend, when I met a little dog that went “GNART GNART” instead of “bark”. Not the same as puppy there, but clearly enough not bark to make me think of him.

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