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Probably not the answer he was expecting! Then again, maybe it was…

And in case you missed it….

Fey Winds Book One is currently up on Kickstarter!! Get the first 300-ish pages of the comic in one highly bludgeonable book-weapon! 😀 You guys are the greatest, by the way! Three weeks to go and 80% funded!! I added a few more original art tiers too, and as of my writing this, there are still a couple left up for grabs! Thank you guys so much for the support!! <3




While most of me is enjoying all this character development and this lovely display of friendship and connection, there’s always a part of me in the background thinking:

I just love how Kit doesn’t have a clue what her emotions are doing… typical woman BTW 😉

tbh that’s a trait I associate 500% more with dudes, but either way it’s a tasteless joke to make 😉

Oh please do not take any offense 😉 I understand quite well Kit is more confused about her emotions because she used to be a forest animal rather than because she happens to be female – she’s so cute here that this page flipped me out of my slippers (yeah, no clue if that is even an existing expression, but it sounded right – I simply love Kit <3).

Given Kit’s origin, I’ll take it as a *major* step forward.

(Just don’t ask Nigel to do the fox courtship dance… without the proper amount of ale in him. ;-p )

well now I want to see nigel attempting the vulpine courtship dance

Oh my gosh if it gets any more adorable and sweet I’m going to have a heart attack or something (don’t worry about me, I’ve led a good life, please feel free to continue)! She’s so cute in her confusion. And look at that! A hug. And she looks like she’s enjoying it. Such progress! The little Kit is growing up. I’ma go cry now…

I mean, realistically, we are just seeing a deep and abiding friendship between a golem and a half fox half demmigod hybrid. but I think I speak for most of us when I post the following GIF to express that little background voice in our head,

Look ? at ? that ? character ? development. This is a wonderful page, I love these kinds of soft interactions, and it’s so great to see how far Kit and Nigel have come. And I hope this isn’t weird but I love how you’ve drawn the tears here, they remind me a little bit of the wonderful Ghibli style of animating tears. And the lighting is gorgeous too!

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