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Okay, so any compatible magic will do. Do either of the others have the ability?

Beautiful lighting effects, bty. 🙂

Only Kit, Nigel and Keres can manipulate magic like this, because of their nature as magical (or at least partially-magical in Kit’s case) beings. Sid knows the theory but he’s no good at the practical stuff (other than hotwiring existing spells so that Kit’s magic can sustain them), Larina has no aptitude for either and Zeph would actually have been the best candidate for pilot (as he knows the theory and can actually perform specific spells) but he’s a goat these days…

If he could hold the glowy control orb thingy between his horns, he might still be able to manage . . .

Or if he un-goated himself and could be trusted for more than a few minutes at a time…

I forgot, why does Zeph sometimes turn into a goat?

Did it though?

It makes me wonder sometimes, if Zeph was “always” a goat. He states he
was a student of the rule, and was cursed… It’s just his features…Specifically, his eyes. They always looked goat-like to me.

I remember thinking that the first time I saw him.

When I write, I have to get my mindset straight to keep the feel of the language and content consistent. Fey Winds has a different feel than Shattered Starlight, but the vibe of the two comics isn’t running together. Do you have a pre-write ritual to get your mind in the grove for each story?

I don’t really, FW is old enough to be really familiar for me, and Starlight is still new enough that I have to think a lot more when I write, so each one feels different to work on. Also, I tend to write in chunks, so I’ll plan out a bunch of one then a bunch of the other and then just spend the next few months making the pages from that batch of thumbnails. The only thing I write then is the dialogue, and I usually have a sketchy idea of it scribbled on the thumbnails already.

I don’t think I really have any kind of ritual at all before writing or drawing. Although I do have a different music playlist for each project that I listen to when I really want to get into the right mindset. 🙂

Shipping those two SO hard right now.

hi hi

When did Sid become the voice of reason again? Probably wasn’t a single moment, but I think maybe the arc where Kit nearly died was a big step in that direction. This whole “character development,” stuff sure is interesting. ^_^

(Also, I like how the glowing ball of glowing takes on a sort of green tone when Nigel is holding it. Yay for color constancy!)

I just binge-read this for a few hours and I have some words to share: “Damn. This is some good shit.” The storyline is super engaging, there’s just the right amount of foreshadowing going on, the art is freaking phenomenal and the personalities highlight each other beautifully.
Your talent is inspiring, especially because it’s clear that this is something you love and practice. I’m excited that I have the opportunity to watch you grow and improve as a multi-medium artist.

Found you again, thanks to an ad on another site.
I still had kitsune. rydia. net bookmarked, and was about ready to drop this comic as one that had unceremoniously stopped.

No indeed! I’m still around, my old host shut down a few months ago, and since it was in the middle of a bad arm injury I was recovering from, I wasn’t updating, or very able to put the word out very well that the old URL would be going out of service… But I’m still kicking! With a new (and pretty different) second comic updating as well! 🙂

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