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Japan trip – Tokyo

Japan trip – Tokyo published on No Comments on Japan trip – Tokyo

As I’ve mentioned on here before, I’m running off for a vacation in Japan very soon (in fact by the time you read this I’ll already be there)… So in lieu of pages while I’m gone, I’m posting some of my favourite photos from my fall 2017 trip, between here and Shattered Starlight. Check it out if you want to see the other half of my pics! 😉

This set is all about Tokyo, which was our first destination last time. We bounced around neighbourhoods but still barely scratched the surface…

So from top left: Akihbara billboards and buildings (I fell in love with the Mandarake bookstore there, and it’s glorious collection of secondhand anime/game art books, not to mention the weird locker-like building with all the gachapon machines…

A cute alley near Tokyo Station. We were there to see the Imperial Palace Gardens, which were lovely, but we didn’t have time to get many photos because they closed super early!

Next are Akihabara dudes, buildings and billboards again. Then a lone tourist in search of the vintage games store Super Potato. It was well-hidden, we walked past it five times…

Then there’s the Very Big Robot Boy ™ in Odaiba. He’s stationed outside a mall with a huge Gundam store inside.

Last is a random accidental shot from a moving train. I’m not sure where we were in Tokyo when we took it, but I like how it came out!

Talk to you soon!

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