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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! published on 13 Comments on Happy Holidays!

This has been a crazy (good) year for me & Fey Winds amidst a (just plain batshit wtf) crazy year as far as everything else is concerned! Therefore, here’s a nice quiet drawing of Kit enjoying some hot cocoa for the holidays! I do hope to have time to update the next page next week once I’m back at desk after all the parent-visiting and christmas cookie eating, though, so I won’t say see you in 2018 just yet…

In the meantime, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 🙂




Merry Christmas, Nicole! I know that’s a giant marshmallow in her hot chocolate but, by the gods, I’m going to believe that’s it’s a large stick of butter! Cold weather requires high energy.

I noticed that too,
(this is not a critique Nicole, everyone fully accepts that it’s a marshmallow in Kit’s cocoa).
Still, I did some research. Turns out somewhere there’s a fad where they blend grass-fed butter in coffee, it’s called “Bulletproof Coffee”.
I was going to perform an experiment but I would’ve had to compromise with the ingredients, and I think expired cocoa mix and margarine would most likely conclude with an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

It does sort of look like butter! I guess the fact that it’s a square marshmallow is probably not helping…

As for butter in hot drinks, it actually reminds me of the butter tea that people drink in the Himalayas. Po Cha I think is what it’s called? It’s like super strong tea with butter and salt I think… I can’t actually imagine what it would taste like though!

Just received my book and watercolor today as well; gorgeous! Out of curiosity, did you take pictures of all the watercolors? I think we’d all be interested to see them, perhaps on your dA account?

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