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Happy 10th Birthday Fey Winds!

Happy 10th Birthday Fey Winds! published on 65 Comments on Happy 10th Birthday Fey Winds!

So first of all, a confession: I don’t actually remember the exact day I started updating Fey Winds, but I know it was around the 3rd week of August 2006, which means that hearabouts is the tenth anniversary of my ratty little webcomic child! I don’t really even know what to say, other than thank you guys so much for sticking around and reading! I’m really grateful for everything, from the people out there who read and never comment (I know you guys are there, I’m the same, I always lurk!), to the people who tweet me, comment, email, make fanart & cosplay (I still can’t believe it and I love you guys!) to the folks who buy my books, stop by to talk at cons or the new folks who take a chance on a comic with a gigantic archive to binge! Thank you so much for having kept me company on this trip so far, and it’s not over! It’s getting close to the end of the story, yes, but there’s still a ways to go until we get there, and I hope you’ll stay until then! <3

TLDR: Thanks and Happy Birthday to my first webcomic, but not my last! 😉

I also have a desktop wallpaper and a phone-sized one of this image, should you want them for your various screens!



Massive congratulations Nicole! It’s been a joy following this comic throughout the years, and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us! ?

I still say pics like these would look great displayed at the credits of a Feywinds: Animated Series.

Happy 10th!

wait there is an animated series!?!

I’m kinda wondering why no one has pitched the idea to anyone yet, or started work on their own really… This would have made a great series.

The short answer is that it would cost too much money & time to make it worth the while! Animation is time and ressource consuming to the max, especially in an action-heavy story. Someday I might do a few pencil tests of the characters for giggles, if only to see whether or not I still remember how to animate but that will probably be as “animated” as FW will ever get! XD

2 things:
1. I’ve been reading your comic for years now, and I just want to say how excellent it is and thank you for writing it. (Also, I bought Valor, and the Nettle Witch was one of my favorite parts.) You are awesome, Fey Winds is awesome, I have no doubt Shattered Starlight will prove to be awesome. Happy tenth anniversary, and congratulations.

2. Is this picture supposed to be a reference to the end credits of Paranoia Agent, or am I reading too much into the image?

I came to the comic late, but I’m glad I’m here. 🙂

But “…ratty little comic child…”? Balderdash! Nothing so beautifully done and cleverly written can be considered “ratty”, and no undertaking so massive can be considered “little”. I’ll give you “comic child”, because that’s what it is, but anything belittling? Humph! The very IDEA! *BRISTLE*

Happy 10th, whatever the actual day is. ^^

Ratty little comic- hah! It’s beautiful, and I hope you know it. If not, please believe me, because it is. The art is incredible, the story marvelous, and the characters are amazing. Happy Birthday!

hi hi

It’s almost hard to believe it has been so long, and what a ride it has been!

I thought about sending you a cake, but it would be ruined by the time it got there. So then I thought, maybe I could send a cake to someone who would appreciate a little bit of ruin. ^_^

Happy Birthday Fey Winds!!! Gefeliciteerd!!

2006. That’s even longer than I have been reading the comic, if only just. In 2006 I was…
…still in high school? And much too uncultured to go near webcomics, to my shame!

Regardless… Nicole, here’s to another 10 years of amazing webcomics! *clinks glass with imaginary glass*.

No pressure, of course. But I hope to still be reading Shattered Starlight 10 years hence, and (after a quick read of comments below) In my fantasies, I’m watching Fey Winds: the Animation as well. ? You did do some sort of a course in animation didn’t you?

Thanks!! And yeah, my college studies were in traditional animation, on paper like old Disney and anime! (which is why I can say with authority how much work it would be! My student film was about a minute long, and the stack of papers for the frames comes up to my knees)

But I am totally also watching Fey Winds: the Animation in my mind! 😉

Feywinds was the very first webcomic I ever read. I remember when Kit had long hair and you stopped to redo everything when you got to the campfire scene and it made me sad to wait lol, also i remember you were doing your animation around the time. And I could never remember the name of Feywinds either and I believe Kit used to be on like the first or second page when I typed in kitsune girl or something along those lines xD

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