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Fey Winds on Patreon!

Fey Winds on Patreon! published on 5 Comments on Fey Winds on Patreon!

This isn’t a new comic, but it’s some big news!! (for those who don’t follow me on twitter… For those who do, I hope you don’t mind me repeating this a bit!) 😉 I’m (finally) on Patreon!! For those who don’t know, Patreon is something like a cross between a tip jar and a kickstarter, where you can send me a buck or more a month to support the comics, and get some extra patron-only rewards in exchange! If you’ve enjoyed Fey Winds over the years and want to chip in to help me make more comics and art and cool stuff now and in the future, check out my Patreon Page! 😀 And just a quick note to say that the next page of FW will be up Thursday next week! See you then, and thanks for your support!!

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