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Page 453 published on 4 Comments on Page 453

Sid’s friends rush to his rescue… ehhh…. anytime now………

in other news, I’m still sending the Kickstarter books out! Since Fey Winds was my first KS ever, I really wanted to do as much of the process by myself as possible, but next time I run a big KS campaign, I’m probably going to spring for a fulfillment company for help with the logistics of shipping the end products out, cause this is taking me a lot longer than I planned for! That said, the books ARE leaving my hallway and making their way to people. If you haven’t gotten your copy, don’t worry just yet, it’s still coming!



Free Comics for Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comics for Free Comic Book Day! published on 2 Comments on Free Comics for Free Comic Book Day!

Today is Free Comic Book Day, so I figured I’d share a short comic I hadn’t put online yet. I did this for the Valor Anthology a few years back, it’s called the Nettle-Witch, and you can read it all over on my tumblr!

Happy FCBD! 🙂

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