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So, first things first: it feels really, really good to make comics again, even if I still can’t do it as much as I’d like to. Second, and more importantly: my arm is still not 100% better. It’s getting there, and things are good, but I can’t guarantee that there’ll be a new page next week. I’ll be playing it by ear until my arm sheds its last vestiges of gimp, but hopefully I’ll be able to start updating semi-regularly now!

And in the meantime, if you hadn’t heard, I also started my second webcomic: Shattered Starlight!

It’s the story of Farah, a former magical girl, now in her twenties, trying to get her life on track a decade after her magical girl team fell apart… I’m updating 100% off my buffer for now, but I hope that in the future (ideally before I run out of buffer hehe) I’ll be able to have both of these running weekly, arm permitting! Enjoy!

Starlight & PDFs

Starlight & PDFs published on No Comments on Starlight & PDFs

Hey guys!

I’m still convincing my elbow that it loves me and wants to be my friend again, so no ETA on pages yet, but I do have a couple of things this week!

Exhibit A:

I’ve got the PDFs of Volume 1 and 2 up on my Gumroad Store, whee! For those interested in the print versions, stay tuned for a while longer!

And Exhibit B:

Now, since I can’t draw to update Fey Winds, I haven’t started updating Shattered Starlight yet, but I did make one new image (and arm test drive!) and a shiny new site you may or may not have seen, in case you want to add it to your bookmarks! 🙂

As for the elbow, it’s going pretty well. The doc has sent me back to work, and while my arm is usually a little mutinous by the end of the day, it’s still inching its way back to normal. I hope I’ll feel strong enough to start making comics again in the next couple of weeks, but even if I’m not, my Elbowpocalypse seems to be slowly wrapping up!

New Coat of Paint

New Coat of Paint published on 28 Comments on New Coat of Paint

Welcome to the new version of Fey Winds! (It hasn’t changed all that much mind you)
I’m still in the middle of finishing it up, so don’t be alarmed if there are a bunch of broken image links and the archive only goes up to Chapter 2 (btw, the archive only goes up to Chapter 2). I’ll be back at it (the site part at least) tomorrow, and things should start to look done by then! 😉

Unfortunately, when it comes to the “actually updating the comic” part, I’m still not allowed to draw for at least another 2 weeks. For those who haven’t been following my elbow misery, here’s a recap: Late last year I fell on some ice and flipped my elbow inside out waaaay farther than it’s supposed to be able to bend. It was gross, there were snapping sounds and a lot of rolling on the ground reconsidering my life choices. I was afraid it was broken, but actually, the bones were probably the only parts of it that came out unscathed. Since then I’ve been mostly unable to work and draw (and type and play games, alas) but I’ve been getting steadily better over the past few months!

I’m slowly going back to work (but that doesn’t mean I’m allowed to go back to comics yet) and I’m waiting on a clean bill of health and then some before I start drawing comics again. I’m hoping sometime in March, but I can’t (and won’t!) rush it. So in the meantime, please bear with me, and I hope you like the new layout!! 🙂

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