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Aug 20th, 2014

This week: In lieu of an actual page, have some (hopefully still interesting) filler!

My ass is in the process of being soundly kicked by the double whammy of Valor and Fan Expo prep, so instead of a page this week, I've got a quick look at a new print that I should have *fingers crossed* ready for Fan Expo, which is NEXT FREAKING WEEK AAAAAAAUUUUUGGGHH!!!! I will also have other new prints, Fey Winds Vol 1 and 2 (which isn't available online yet, but stay tuned!), buttons, sketches, books!! Woo! If you're going, stop by and come see me at Table A274 in the Artist's Alley!!

And thank you guys so much for supporting the Valor Anthology Kickstarter! We're nearing 70k, this is beyond my wildest dreams! There are 10 days left, so check it out!

I'm currently in the process of redoing my site to accomodate, among other things, a proper layout, an unborked RSS feed and no longer needing a crappy shoutbox (a real comment system)! Yay! Until then, hopefully this thing'll hold together with duct tape and safety pins!

Don't forget that there's a Fey Winds Tumblr! I've also got my art blog tumblr as well. I'm a bit busy with work to be able to do a lot of sketching, but I try to post progress shots and unrelated drawings there regularly too.

Also, Donny has graciously whipped up a Fey Winds facebook page, so go forth and like it, and poke it and stuff! (that's what people do on facebook, right?!) So thanks Donny!! (Just remember: I'm not on Facebook myself, the best way to ask me something is in the shoutbox, by email (foxden -at- rydia.net) or on twitter as things stand now!)

<3 Nicole

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