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November 19th, 2014

This week: More sparkling. And yay!! The comments work!! Woohoo!! I've been a bit quiet, but I read them all and I'll try to speak up a little more in general! But for now, I must make an Inquisitor in Dragon Age, for scientific reasons!! *cough cough*. (hopefully this one won't have a dog on fire in my party...) Is it just me or does Solas look a little too much like Elf Voldemort? >_>

(For those who remember/are wondering, I had some.... anger... towards DA:O, never played DA2, but I'm going to try and like this one, dagnabit! I haven't played a story-heavy RPG in ages and I want to believe...)

PS: if you've missed the Kickstarter campaign for Valor but would like to preorder a book and/or some of the KS goodies, there is a link for that, and it's right here!

Don't forget that there's a Fey Winds Tumblr! I've also got my art blog tumblr as well. I'm a bit busy with work to be able to do a lot of sketching, but I try to post progress shots and unrelated drawings there regularly too.

Also, Donny has graciously whipped up a Fey Winds facebook page, so go forth and like it, and poke it and stuff! (that's what people do on facebook, right?!) So thanks Donny!! Just remember: I'm not on Facebook myself, the best way to ask me something is in the shoutbox, by email (feywinds (at) gmail.com, since my previous email is getting tagged as spam for a lot of people when I try to reply T_T) or on twitter as things stand now!

<3 Nicole

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