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  • Kaunisenkeli

    Zeph: Also forgotten by at least one reader.

    • Wallace


      • Chef Magpie


    • Caleb Vander Klippe


    • Chef Magpie


  • Not Fenimore

    I really like that question, because it reminds me of the way I described the comic to my S.O.: “It’s a pretty good fantasy comic, and the cast page describes a pretty good very standard fantasy comic, except every single thing on the cast page is a lie.” 😉

    (I persist in believing that Sid is a dragon that is cursed to look like a human, just to bear that theory out. 😉 )

  • blackhole

    To be fair, they did not “bring” themselves to the summons. It’s kind of on the guards to have not dragged along the suspicious blue goat.

  • LazyReader

    “Well………he’s in a baaaad, mood”

    • UrQuan3


  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Weaponised goat Zeph, a room trap for any thief at the inn.

    • WaytoomanyUIDs

      Camera zooms out, reveals room has been stripped bare of everything except the bed with the goat on it.

  • Taymanator

    I should go back and look, but was there a reason Zeph is sleeping or is that just cause he’s tired? Did he sleep through the interruption from the guards?

  • Larkle

    Indisposed is his natural state, really.

  • M. Peach

    “Not entirely honest?” Which secret does she mean? They all have some rather embarrassing and even politically charged secrets… Oh. The goat. That’s the big deal?!
    I had to laugh at that one. 😛

    • darlingicarus

      I also got really worried and then. The goat. 😂

  • Alex Rawlings

    to be fair, I’d have left zeph back in rune, but thats me

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    Custody of criminal scum is challenging in the feudal days. She might need to fill out an extradition request to the Foxipality of Kit, in triplicate, in order to have a chance of interrogating the prisoner. 😛

  • UrQuan3

    On first glance, I thought those were flies buzzing around Zeph, not Z’s.

  • Random Reader

    Sorry if this is the wrong place but I went to check out Shattered Starlight and whenever I try to navigate to anything but the home page (even just to the Comments section, which is why I’m mentioning this here!) I get internal server errors.

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