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  • Jeff Eppenbach

    “And, what will that ordinary buisness be?”

    “Scrubbing Kit’s back in the bath, of course.”

    • *takes notes for the Patreon pin-up tier*

  • Alex Rawlings

    I feel that nigel should have a teeshirt that says “100% normal human, average schlub, nothing magical about me move along”

    • Carcharadon

      Or how about:
      “I’m not the golem you are looking for
      I am free to go about my business
      move along”

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Nigel teeshirt “100% normal human, doing normal human things here”.
      I’d buy one.
      Especially if it had some bizarre happening only Nigel could end up in on it.

      • Kaunisenkeli

        I would absolutely buy that!

      • UrQuan3

        Oh come on. Nicole just finished a Kickstarter.
        Mind you, I would buy one also.

        • I probably wouldn’t run a KS for a shirt but taking a look at potential merch stores is on my long-term to-do list, so maybe someday!

          (some days I feel like I could use a shirt that says “I AM A PERFECTLY NORMAL HUMAN DOING NORMAL HUMAN THINGS” just to remind people…) 😉

          • l33tninja

            I think his shirt would say:
            I’m with a golem

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            I completely identify with that shirt sentiment.
            I honestly don’t expect shirts for awhile until you’re ready.

  • LazyReader

    “And I the human, WHO IS HUMAN and not an abomination the result of Alchemy or mad science……………will return to do ……. human stuff……….boot polishing and sword bragging…………….see look at that steel”

  • Ilmari

    It’s funny the way Sid is tripping over his words to be polite. Though of course Kit and Nigel take the cake for funny this page.

    . . .

    Never thought of “tch” as an annoying-shounen-protagonist thing, but now you mention it, I see what you mean! But it’s all good so long as she doesn’t take anything more from that playbook, like defiant speeches and talk about friendship and such… :p

  • IriaAlonso

    You think that the Regent will say something about Nigel?

  • Alexander Fox

    I got the book!

  • Sleel

    Welll, could be going to the beach. She is kinda pale.

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