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They’re swords…. but friendly-sorta-swords!! Right? Yeah, totally. It’s fine.

We hit the first stretch goal on The Valor Anthology 2 ! Hardcovers!! I’m really proud of my story in this one, and I got to take a peek at what everybody else turned in… so let me say that this book is going to be INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to have the finished thing in my hands, and if you liked Valor 1, enjoy fairy tales and kick ass art and stories, consider picking the second volume up!!

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  • Jeff Eppenbach

    It’s not too unreasonable a stance, really. If you think about it.

    But, I would try to bargain for a little help fixing their air-er-thing. All the faster to be away, and all.

  • Thisguy

    So the options are; “go away while we deal with the threat” and “stay here locked up and under guard while we deal with the threat”
    No exactly bad options, all things considered, but tactically stupid by excluding the team who has the most experience in fighting the threat. Especially considering said team will still continue fighting the threat, without your cooperation.

  • Taverius

    It’s fiiiine.

    See? I told you nothing could go wrong with splitting the party! 🙃

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    i’m just gonna hope they leave, then just as Kaderria is on the horizon, it BLOWS THE FUCK UP and they all have a look of “we knew this might happen”

  • Ilmari

    Haha, I like this queen. She’s the sort of ruler npc you’d find in one of my campaigns!
    “Thanks for the warning, little adventurer peons, now you are welcome to leave…”

    • Ilmari


      “And please don’t take offense at the full body search on the way out. You’d be surprised how often valuable items from our armouries and vaults end up inexplicably on the person of passing travellers.”

  • fookiesan

    Wait, what? Why are they a threat, exactly? Oh, I know what I should do, but my brain is too spent and my eyes are failing badly enough now that I don’t think I have it in me to go back and re-read. Could someone help an old man out and explain? ( was that the right amount of pathetic? enough to inspire an answer but not so much that it just elicits a disgusted sigh?)

    • Storel

      Depends on how much Sid has told the Regent about his friends. Kit is one of the last surviving remnants of the Sylphe, who was a powerful war-golem, so that might account for at least some of those swords…

  • Storel

    Don’t Sid’s eyes look more dragonish than usual?

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