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Part one of the plan is a success!! Now they just have to accomplish the parts that come after–oh? Uh, part 1 was the only part they’d figured out? Well…

Anyways, here’s some other news!! Check it out: this year I had the chance to work on a short comic for The Valor Anthology 2 and the book just launched on Kickstarter! I’m really proud of my story in this one, and I got to take a peek at what everybody else turned in… so let me say that this book is going to be INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to have the finished thing in my hands, and if you liked Valor 1, enjoy fairy tales and kick ass art and stories, consider picking the second volume up!!

In the meantime, have a very small sneak peek!

sneak peek




  • Darsara

    Well, the good news is they believe you about Keres. The bad news?…swords.

  • Thomas

    The bad news is that those are double edged swords… as in, being against a “magical abomination” also means that they are against whatever else they might also consider a “magical abomination”.


  • Alexander Fox

    Oh dear… Why the swords?

  • ♎Adamas🐉

    “Why do you keep pointing sharp pointy strips of metal at me?!”

  • Ilmari

    Yeah, those swords are particularly alarming given that we’ve not seen anyone else in the room so far. Stealthy royal bodyguards? Bodyguard Ninjas, mayhap?

    Here’s hoping its just a pledge of allegiance gesture… one for all and all for one, kind of thing.

    • Redscarf

      Did you notice that they were being escorted by guards with spears, and now those guys are gone? I have a feeling whatever they did to ditch those bozos made them look pretty suspicious to the rest of the household guard.

  • darlingicarus

    I just adore the Regent’s design. That gorgeous ceremonial-looking armour that still definitely means business, the touches of jewellery. I love her! (I love those swords a little less, but what can you do)

  • “…. And speaking of magical abominations….”

    The Regent appears to have them outfoxed.

  • Alex Rawlings

    generally speaking, the moment when swords get pointed at your face, is the moment you can say that negotiation has gotten a bit tense

  • LynXsh

    Nobody expects the Spa… ah, it’s just some swords. Drive on.

    • Storel

      Nobody expects the Swordish Inquisition! Our chief weapons: fear, intimidation, and sharp pointy bits!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Swords are Kaderran for “Hello”?

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