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Sid’s friends rush to his rescue… ehhh…. anytime now………

in other news, I’m still sending the Kickstarter books out! Since Fey Winds was my first KS ever, I really wanted to do as much of the process by myself as possible, but next time I run a big KS campaign, I’m probably going to spring for a fulfillment company for help with the logistics of shipping the end products out, cause this is taking me a lot longer than I planned for! That said, the books ARE leaving my hallway and making their way to people. If you haven’t gotten your copy, don’t worry just yet, it’s still coming!



  • Jeff Eppenbach

    “Kind of like alarm bells. Oh, now there’s a ‘whoop-whoop’ sound, as well.”

  • darlingicarus

    A bit of peace and quiet is great until it’s too peaceful and too quiet!

  • Ilmari

    Come on guys, you could at least be hanging out at the dodgy snack-food stand around the corner from the palace (there has got to be one, I’m sure), so as you can leap into action when needed… otherwise, a distraught dragon flying through the inn window (and wall?) Really will be the first warning you get…

  • Farce Dawn

    He went in hurt, and unable to transform I highly doubt it would be hard to capture him, well at least not hard enough where they have to ring bells.

  • Vezera

    Poor Larry looks so forlorn.

    We to the subject of rescuing…maybe they should have set a signal? Or a time limit? Or…you know, something?

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