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Sid is very sensitive about his many middle names, guys!! Also he just had a bath, so there’s no way he could be “the odorus”!! 😉

In other news, I’ll be at Fan Expo in Toronto next week! I’ll be at table A320 in Artist’s Alley, with copies of Fey Winds Book 1, Shattered Starlight prologues, Valor, stickers, prints and brand new enamel pins!! I’m still in the process of sending out the KS backer copies of FWB1, but I’ll post when I’m done mailing them all so that people can know when to expect them!



  • darlingicarus

    OOPS D: (also I LOVE her design on my goodness)

    • FriesForDays

      looks like a warrior queen, all decked out in fancy fanciful armor <3

      • Zixinus

        I wonder why would she wear armor in court (aside the artist’s whim that she does). It must be a really important symbol for her to wear all day (and I suspect, not-as-functional as it looks for the sake of comfort with a fully-functional one in a closet in case of real war).

        • icekatze

          hi hi

          A big part of ceremonial armor is showing off the wearer’s wealth, power, and status.

          I also suspect that since the people of Kaderria can’t use the Rule, they also want to show off their technical prowess. Fine furs may show off wealth, but an intricately jointed suit of armor shows off skill as well.

          • Zixinus

            I know what ceremonial and decorative armor is and what it’s for. But it is still likely far less comfortable than say, a rich and elaborate dress. Which means that the queen here has a reason in wearing it for everyday court (and this is likely that from the dialogue). Again, aside the obvious answer of author’s whim to make the lady more authoritative, I speculate the in-universe reason of either her being a warrior-queen (which I would guess is the author’s intent) or tradition.

            Unless she donned it just for her surprise visit.

          • icekatze

            hi hi

            Kaderria isn’t known for being a nation of pacifists. If memory serves, their mercenaries are renowned for their combat prowess. Also, she has at least a half dozen guards in plate armor surrounding her and the audience hall.

            Wearing heavy armor can be tiring, but by necessity it has to be comfortable enough. If one can run a marathon in plate armor, then it stands to reason that one could sit in a chair in plate armor.

          • It’s a bit of both. Sid wasn’t instantly admitted to meet before breakfast, so the regent had time to put on the proper impressive clothes (as one does when one wants to make an impression on a foreign prince). The armor isn’t particularly heavy (or functional) either, it’s really just to remind select petitioners and foreign princes that the regent is also a military leader and can probably kick your ass, even if she might have the guards do it for her! 😉

          • Zixinus

            Thank you for actually answering my question!

        • Frank T. Morgan

          I think that’s her traditional Don’t Mess With Us sort of wardrobe. Maybe it’s customary. (shrug)

  • LazyReader
  • Delta-v

    “That all depends on which crimes you’re talking about…..”

  • Alex Rawlings

    Random guard #214 “akwwwwaaaaard”

  • Ya’ should have paid more attention to the exits.

    • Frank T. Morgan

      Yea, for lo, no good deed doth verily go unpunished (or so it has been said. Can’t believe everything you hear, of course).

  • ThatoneHarlequin


  • sdgw1999

    correct me if my memory is failing, but aren’t Sid’s only crimes breaking a mirror and aiding in the escape of a bunch of wandering lunatics?

    • Mostly. Kit did steal a bunch of junk (royal treasures, etc), but the “crimes” are from the bogus wanted poster that Sid’s brother put out to cover his ass after the mirror-breaking thing…

      • sdgw1999

        Thought so. He did nothing wrong. Little scaly cinnamon roll. Protect the Sid.

        • Frank T. Morgan


    • Zixinus

      He didn’t brake the mirror. That was his clumsy brother’s fault for not hanging on to it properly.

      • Kitsu

        You’re right, he didn’t brake it — it accelerated onto the pavement!

        • Matt [in Middletown]

          Mirror was despondent over looking at Sid’s brother and chose to knock itself out using pavement stones, an ill advised choice.

  • l33tninja

    ….after? I guess? he he he…Well, just had to deliver the message kthxbye….

  • Jordan Hiller

    Sid rolled a 1 on his luck roll. Time to roll for diplomacy

    • Happyroach

      Looks to me that the DM waited until that point to reveal “Oh yeah Sid, you now have a -5 penalty to all Diplomacy rolls.”

      • Jordan Hiller

        Let’s see if he can pass a composure test and successfully convince the very scary lady that it’s not worth arresting him etc.

        • Happyroach

          All Sid has to do is pass a simple, easy composure test. Easy-peasy. NO problem.

          …He’s totally going to turn into a dragon, isn’t he.

          • Jordan Hiller

            He’s going to turn green and scaly at the very least.

  • Zixinus

    “The answer is that it does not matter. My crimes are irrelevant in the face of this threat. Do what you must to me, but do not ignore the threat you face. I knew you would call upon my crimes, such as they are, and I came regardless. Take that as the weight of my words.”

  • arnor

    When nervous, he’s not sweaty, he ‘s scaly.
    Can lizzards transpire?

    Plus, from the view of the specators of the escape of the “traitor prince of findain” he escaped on dragon back, (after stealing some stuff from royal treasure) mister the king his father must not be very pleased (or maybe he enjoy finally seeing his good-for-nothing of a son trying to handle a dragon bare-handed? Fatherly proudness?)

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    “Um… I no nothing about any of that. Is this a trick question?”

  • Frank T. Morgan

    If it seems she’s asking him to incriminate himself by answering that, then, to my layman’s understanding…well, that’s incredibly helpful, isn’t it?

  • Apple

    Okay, so, Sid’s face in the 5th panel- anyone else absolutely dead after that? XD

  • Random Reader

    Oy, somehow I missed this page!

    Sid, the smart thing to say would be something to the effect of, “Ah, that bit of slander? You see, Your Eminence, the one who created this rogue war golem was seeking remnants of Slyphe and had one of his men enter our castle to see if one of her treasures was in our possession. Needless to say, rumors of Slyphe’s treasure brought other curious parties, and in the ensuing chaos I apparently became a ‘traitor’ for the simple act of escorting an Elven diplomat safely out of town.”
    It’s mostly true, if lacking a few details.

  • Vezera

    I mean, after? Well, before, because that hasn’t happened yet, actually…but wait…that makes it will happen. Uhhh…can we start over real quick?

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