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Page 451 published on 17 Comments on Page 451

I’m sure everything is going to be juuuuuust fiiiiiine, Sid! Right? Right!



So this page is a bit late because as you will see on the photo…. my apartment is pretty full of boxes! So, if you’ve backed the KS but haven’t seen the update yet: I’m almost ready to ship all the books! They are packed up and just waiting for labels (and for me to drag them downstairs to be mailed). I hope to get to that in the next few days! (ps: this isn’t quite all of the boxes, haha, just most of them!)

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    You seem a little green around the gills. Motion sickness?

  • dwarrowdamned
  • Delta-v

    Hold it together, Sid! Deep breaths, DEEP breaths! Don’t let your scales show like that…..

  • Ilmari

    Very princely, Sid! You can do this! You were *born* for this!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    It’ll be fine.
    The price his family put on his head won’t matter one wit.
    He’s got it in the bag.
    Why are they putting this bag over him?

  • VindictiveJudge

    I know this isn’t really about the comic, but you have really nice floors.

  • Kat

    You know, I kind of really love how Sid’s character has developed throughout the story. He was a huge dork in the beginning (still kinda is…) but now I kind of just want to cheer him on the whole time
    *cheers Sid on*

  • LazyReader

    ………….name continued………banana bana boquena, fee fi, fo findain……….

    • Ebonbolt

      Don’t make it worse for poor Syd. He already needs to be in dragon form just to carry the name he’s already saddled with around.

  • Mionikoi


  • icekatze

    hi hi

    I just have to say, this page really did an amazing job of ratcheting up the tension. Up until this point, reaching their destination in Kaderria seemed like it might be time for some celebration. Now though, I can see at least a glimpse, though certainly not the entire scope, of the challenges arrayed against Sid.

    I’m not even sure which part is the most worrisome, that Sid is struggling to keep his composure, or the whispered “He came along?” …Totally not ominous at all!

  • Stacts

    So, I see an add for Feywinds and decide that I’d like to read it again, having first come across it a couple years ago. I am immediately greeted by an entirely new site (that doesn’t play well with my screen) and a nostalgia trip that nearly brought me to tears, and all I have to say is, it’s good to be back… to a virtual place, that I’ve never been to… virtually.

  • ExPaladin

    Up-to-date now! 🙂

  • …Merriweather?
    O.k. sure, why not.

  • I read it as “Prince Sidney Odorous…”


    • Storel

      You mean it’s not…?

      Oh! Yes, I too read it as “Prince Sidney The Odorus” instead of “Prince Sidney Theodorus”… 8-D

      Wait, he’s the Eighth? There have been seven previous Sidney Theodorus Cassian Merriweather Findains? Wow…

  • Vezera

    Pull it together, Sid. You can do this! Believe in yourself!

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