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Page 450 published on 19 Comments on Page 450

Sid did indeed get first dibs on the bath! Don’t worry, Larry doesn’t let sleep in the bath for too long! After her it’s Nigel’s turn (because he’s pretty rank too), then Larry, then Hellspawn (because he doesn’t mind going last) and finally Zeph… because no matter how much they wash him he still smells like goat!



  • LynXsh

    Kit on the 3rd panel is soooooooo cute!

  • LazyReader

    Sid: Ducky…….you and I shall imagine the lengthy sea voyage……..Come with me to the briny deep as we sail for gold and spices…..

    • Ebonbolt

      “Give me a sword, and a ship to sail,

      And I’ll never come home again…”

  • OMG, panel 2, all the ROFLs 4eva!

  • Ilmari

    Subtle, Larina, subtle.

    Also, I haven’t fallen asleep in a bath since I was… 5, maybe? Then again, I don’t think Ive properly had a bath in years, anyhow…

    • Ilmari

      By which I mean I shower. Because I don’t have a bathtub. Obviously. >_<

      • Delta-v


      • maeverin

        I’ve come awfully close to falling asleep in the shower a couple times. X{

    • saarf

      and I bet you *never* fell asleep with a rubber ducky on your head….

  • arnor

    What happens if you push sid in a lake while frigtening him? Dragon gets washed? Sid gets washed? Both get wet?

  • dwarrowdamned

    That towel looks so genuinely fluffy. 10/10 towel content on this page.

  • Taco

    But, the clothes…

  • Metal C0Mmander

    Once a noble, forever a noble right Sid? Well we hope so at least…

  • IriaAlonso

    Sid looks so tired in the sixth panel… I just hope the visit to the regent isn’t a total disaster o.o

    • Delta-v

      Tired? Or apprehensive yet resigned.

  • Taverius


    No, I’m sure it’ll be perfectly fine to split the party and walk around on your own, nothing bad *ever* happened to *anyone* as a result of that.

    … hey, hold my popcorn a sec …

    • BabylonRanger

      I’d hold it, but I wouldn’t promise you’d get it back. :/

  • Mionikoi

    I love this comic.

  • Vezera

    Larri! She was just happy to smell natural and foxlike again!

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