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  • dwarrowdamned

    *gets distracted by the beautiful background characters* NO, FOCUS!

    • Derrick Keith Feemster

      It’s a good contrast between the main characters to everyone else though.

    • Carpenter E

      Yes, I was thinking that, they are unusually attractive for background characters!

      • dwarrowdamned

        Ahh, “beautiful background character in the main character’s story” is an occupation I wouldn’t mind. None of the hassle of a dangerous quest but a little bit of page space to call your own.

        • As long as you’re not a beautiful background character in some hero’s doomed hometown… 😉

          • dwarrowdamned


    • Matt [in Middletown]

      That’s how she lures you in with the background characters and then WHAM!
      You get Goat Zephed in the face!

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    “What’s that boy? Larina fell down a well, again! Oh, the goat did. We are in a bit of a hurry, so he can just… Fine, but only because he’ll foul the water. What, Hellspawn? It’s a magic well, and he’s already fouled it, and now it’s angry…”

  • They don’t like weird magic, huh?

    Just wait until Keres gets there. See how much weird magic they can stomach then.

    • McNutty

      Then, weird magic will be the one disliking them.

  • danea55

    Oh my gosh!!! Did you just cameo Exiern?! That totally looks like Peonie and Typhan-Knee! Sorry, I get excited easily. Can’t say I’ve ever seen them cameo’d before. On a side note: I really like the background in panel 3. And the fact that apparently puppy’s name is officially hellspawn now.

    • DEFINITELY looks like Tiff (not fond at all of the new writer’s retcon) and Peonie. That it’s happening in a place that doesn’t like weird magic just seals the deal.

    • Yes, it’s them, by patreon request! 😀

      • danea55

        Well that’s awesome!!! 😀

  • alexikakon

    bless that little furry delight’s heart, he can’t even bork right.

    • icekatze

      hi hi

      Still kind of reminds me of the Swedish Chef though. 😛

  • Ruth Beaty

    Assuming you are still working on filling book one orders, cons, etc., are we going to be able to buy a dead tree version from you? As usual, I missed the kickstarter, but still desperately want the book. Lay in the floor and cry desperately, even.

    • Yes, you will! I want to start selling the books online later this summer, after I’m done shipping the Kickstarter backers’ books. 🙂

  • Ilmari

    That shall forever be the onomatopoaiea I associate with little hellspawnish dogs.

    Also, lovely scenes, and pretty background characters who no doubt are cameos! 🙂

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Ran across a little dog that I swear said ,”nark nark nark” instead of a bark.
      So every time I see a tiny dog, I refer to them as narky dogs.

  • FarSeeker8

    I wonder if she models her backgrounder characters on friends or other people she’s met.

    • Occasionally, but lately the background characters have been chosen by Patreon patrons! 🙂

  • Nahmieh18

    I dislike the character placement choices you made in this one. They seem like one mesh and sort of lifeless. All looking same direction. Gotta up it abit with variety. Enjoying the story overall.

  • The Man with the Plan

    wuh?! is that levi / thrip friend in panel 1? ohh nooos! do not eat thrip friend! he is adorable. Also you might grow a toaster out of your face if you do.

  • Vezera

    Awww, come onnn! Look at that little face! That little face wouldn’t lead you astray, would it?

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