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And the soggy infiltration begins!

In other news, all the Fey Winds boxes are ensconced in the box dungeon and I’m about to hop in a plane to Vancouver for this weekend’s VanCAF! I’ll be at table D4, and this’ll be my first year at the con, and my first con on the west coast! VanCAF is free to attend and I’m really looking forward to it!!



  • LazyReader

    “Ugggh, I hate wet socks it’s like walking through pudding”

  • LazyReader
    • Zzsz

      A key reason I don’t wear them. 😀 Or shoes.

      • Ilmari

        Do you not go outside? Ever? Or are you not classing sandles as shoes? Or… eww.

        • ♎Adamas🐉

          If I don’t HAVE to, I don’t either

        • Zzsz

          I go barefoot. 😀 It’s fun, it’s healthy, it’s comfortable. And your feet aren’t stewing in little corsets all day.

          • Ilmari

            Eeeh… I’m a very european, strictly shoes-on-outside-but-off-at-the-door kind of person.

            As a kid, I went barefoot all the time, (but generally only in our own garden, leas foul stuff than out on the footpath), and it wrecked the soles of my feet for years afterwards.

            I don’t mind taking my shoes off to ford a river or climb a tree, but again, that’s only when I’m far from the refuse of human civilisation…

            … so whatever suits you, but I can’t agree on this one…

          • Zzsz

            How did you manage to ruin the soles of your feet? Do you mean that they became naturally stronger? It seem like you have a lot of shame built up about this if you only do it when people can’t see you. Me, I just don’t step in the foul stuff and I don’t worry about it.

          • Ilmari

            Naturally stronger, maybe, but thick and hard too. This is a difference in values, methinks! 😉

            But no, shame has nothing to do with it, nor “letting people see” – it’s rather the notion (justified or otherwise) that the city street and footpath is filthy, even when you can’t “see” it.

            Obviously, this is something you take quite seriously, and as strange as it may seem to me, I certainly don’t want to tread on your principles. Keep doing whatever you’re doing, and don’t feel judged by me! 😉

          • Zzsz

            Ah, you shouldn’t be taken in by culture saying you should have baby-smooth feet! Culture says a lot of stupid things are good for you (foot binding being one). And I would be more worried about the germs in your shoes if I were you. They tend to be absolute breeding grounds in there! (If you get a sore while wearing them, it is much more likely to get infected.) But likewise, I’m not going to tell you what to do – just that I think you are missing out.

      • No one important

        Walking on dirty sidewalks is unsanitary. You could pick up all kinds of germs and diseases, you know people spit on walk ways and dog feces has been on that cement? Not to mention all the oils, stains and old black gum. I suggest you wear shoes for your health, hon.

        • Zzsz

          Not true, actually! I’ve gone barefoot for ten years without any problems. Shoes are really quite filthy and disgusting breeding grounds germs and fungus – that’s why they smell so bad. Shoes don’t tend to get washed for weeks or even years at a time, so they are filled with rancid sweat. The pavement, by comparison, is exposed to UV all day and is thus clean enough. Feet also kill germs through friction. I also avoid dog dirt, which is more than most shoe wearers seem to. Which means I don’t track it into the house where children might be playing on the floor.

      • FarSeeker8

        What about wet fur? Look at Kessel.
        But I do love the detail of the scene, esp. with the window gardener.

      • Ryan

        Do you avoid public bathrooms? Or bathrooms in general? Do you ever run? Do restaurants serve you? How is it even possible to go without shoes?

        • Zzsz

          I have no trouble with any of those things in England, and you can run much faster barefoot. I mean, much, much faster. Shoes lock off a quarter of the bones in your body. We evolved to run barefoot through thorns and hot sand, and most people who have ever lived went barefoot very comfortably. It’s wearing shoes from birth that makes them weak and sensitive.

          • Alicy-sunberg


  • Jeff Eppenbach

    How does the goat rate a blanket?

    • Probably trying to avoid the smell of wet goat.

      • anony

        Nobody going to mention the smell of a wet fox?

        • TachyonCode

          Clearly, zero (wet) fox were given.

        • Everyone’s too polite to say anything.

        • ♎Adamas🐉

          *sniffs* nope, the goat is too strong

  • maeverin

    those wet cloaks have got to be heavy!

  • Derrick Keith Feemster

    This page is almost perfect for a phone back ground lol.

  • Ilmari

    Oooh pretty city scene! I love the level of detail here!

    I’m curiious about that netting hanging from the skywalk though. What might it be for?

    • M777

      Clearly it is for catching flying fish.

      • UrQuan3

        “Clearly it is for catching flying fish.” There we go. I like it. If this was earth, I would just assume they were fishing nets as they have to be strung up to dry. In fact, the only detail missing to look just like a photo from Italy would be the cloths strung between buildings to dry.

        Very nice lighting for a sunrise. Although, red in the morning…

  • Perspective goat.

  • Some random person

    Soggies will rule

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Secret Agent squad on assignment in the city.
    Special Agent Goat Zeph tried to look as inconspicuous as possible..

    • Fail.
      Have you every smelled a wet goat?
      Doe’s are passable; a buck’s bitter scent can travel miles, and the doe’s love it!
      Maybe Zeph will meet a nice doe, settle down, raise some kids…

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Don’t break Special Agent Goat Zeph’s heart!
        He’s trying very hard!
        Really he is!

  • dwarrowdamned

    Oh my goodness what a gorgeous page. The city looks so wonderful, and that glimpse of the cliffs in the background is lovely!

  • Soirbleu

    Fantastic backgrounds and nice mysterious air that all the characters are wearing.

  • LynXsh

    0. The view is gorgeous.
    1. Where’s Hellspawn?
    2. I wonder if that lady on the balcony is plot-connected somehow?

    And good luck at VanCAF!

  • cliff

    nooo i caught up. Now what shall i do.

  • Nets and floats around a seaside waterfront, not too unusual.

    Nets and floats hanging from a fourth floor buttress, OTOH….

  • Did Hellspawn make it?!

  • Vezera

    Well, better soggy than sunk!

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