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Surf’s up, adventure-dudes! Cowabunga, etc. *exit, pelted by thrown produce*

In other news, Fey Winds Book 1 is off at the printers, and hopefully I’ll have some news on that front soon! Stickers are coming along, and in just under a month, my convention season starts (insert The Shining gifs here)! I’ll be at TCAF (Toronto, May 13-14), VanCAF (Vancouver, May 20-21) and then it’s back home to get my Kickstarter books out the door in June/July!



  • LynXsh

    I *knew* it’d end like this! I hope, Hellspawn isn’t injured?

  • Farce Dawn

    Woo the I’m the first to comment! At least Kit and the rest landed on the water . Looks like their adventure on that trashy gasbag has been brought to a close.

  • dwarrowdamned

    They’re beauty they’re grace they always seem to exit vehicles like it’s a race.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    Most impressive. Now, do a barrel roll.

  • ♎Adamas🐉

    Eh Zeph and Hellspawn was needing a bath anyway.

    • Delta-v

      Well, Zeph, for sure. 🙂

  • Travis H

    Like skipping rocks on the lake.

  • RagnaBloodedge

    I hope someone grabs Sid. I don’t think he’ll be able to swim.

  • VindictiveJudge

    Not the worst landing I’ve seen.

  • Delta-v

    Huh, a VTODL craft (Vertical Take Off, Disasterous Landing). 🙂

  • Derrick Keith Feemster

    George of the Jungle could give them some advice about this lol.

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