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Surf’s up, adventure-dudes! Cowabunga, etc. *exit, pelted by thrown produce*

In other news, Fey Winds Book 1 is off at the printers, and hopefully I’ll have some news on that front soon! Stickers are coming along, and in just under a month, my convention season starts (insert The Shining gifs here)! I’ll be at TCAF (Toronto, May 13-14), VanCAF (Vancouver, May 20-21) and then it’s back home to get my Kickstarter books out the door in June/July!



  • LynXsh

    I *knew* it’d end like this! I hope, Hellspawn isn’t injured?

  • Farce Dawn

    Woo the I’m the first to comment! At least Kit and the rest landed on the water . Looks like their adventure on that trashy gasbag has been brought to a close.

  • dwarrowdamned

    They’re beauty they’re grace they always seem to exit vehicles like it’s a race.

    • Frank T. Morgan

      They are beauty,
      They are grace:
      They’re out, starboard,
      On their face

      • Ilmari

        I want to upvote this so many times…

        • Frank T. Morgan

          Thanks. 😐

      • Carpenter E

        They are beauty,
        They are grace,
        They come crashing down from space

        • Carpenter E

          They are beauty,
          They are style,
          They all tumble in a pile

          • Carpenter E

            They are beauty,
            They are posh,
            Their trip ended with a splosh

          • Carpenter E

            They are beauty,
            They are grand,
            They just never learned to land

          • Carpenter E

            They are beauty,
            They are cool,
            Now they’re drowning in a pool

            (Or: Pilot should have had a stool. Such torture to stand up for hours and pilot that ship. Can’t blame Kip if she doesn’t have the sharp skills necessary to land smoothly after that.)

          • Carpenter E

            Ohh, one more:

            They are beauty,
            They are brave,
            Hey look out here comes a wave

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    Most impressive. Now, do a barrel roll.

  • ♎Adamas🐉

    Eh Zeph and Hellspawn was needing a bath anyway.

    • Delta-v

      Well, Zeph, for sure. 🙂

  • Travis H

    Like skipping rocks on the lake.

  • RagnaBloodedge

    I hope someone grabs Sid. I don’t think he’ll be able to swim.

  • VindictiveJudge

    Not the worst landing I’ve seen.

  • Delta-v

    Huh, a VTODL craft (Vertical Take Off, Disasterous Landing). 🙂

  • Derrick Keith Feemster

    George of the Jungle could give them some advice about this lol.

  • Ilmari

    Wow… one little tree in a flat bay, and they managed to hit it… messing up is like an art form for this crew… :p

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    SS Trashy Gasbag: “Well, I think I’ll rest here. Out ya go.”

  • LazyReader

    Sid: I’m okay, not hurt at all……..*crack*

  • UrQuan3

    I look forward to seeing the previous page and this one together in print.

  • ThatoneHarlequin

    I personnaly think that any landing you can walk away from is an A+ landing

    • Obakeinu

      I don’t think uncontrolled body-surfing counts as ‘walking’. That being said, I’ll take water over a rocky beach any old day… less road rash.

      • ThatoneHarlequin

        *eventually walk away*

        • Nikary Flare

          So basically any landing that doesn’t kill you for good.

          • ThatoneHarlequin


  • Any landing you walk away from is a good one. A landing you walk away during is a bit of an edge case.

  • Nikary Flare

    You’re telling me they didn’t even try to crash better?

  • Zzsz

    Baa! Sploosh! Baa! Sploosh! Baaa! Splooosh!

    Three bounces!

  • Carpenter E

    Finally caught up! I have been reading this comic for twelve hours. Not all the time, but most of the time. So enjoyable! It is such a well-written story with heartwarming characters and great art. I am glad I found it. Having read several online comics I can say this is already one of my two favorites.

    And what a good way to end my reading marathon, with them finally landing the airship. And thank you for having an airship in the story. I really hope they will travel in an airship again, they are so great.

    • Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed your read! Though the SS Trashy Gasbag’s adventure may be at an end for now, who knows what the future holds for the stalwart vessel!? 😉

      • Carpenter E

        I like everything that flies and sails! Also mountaintop hideouts. Maybe because they make you feel like you are away from everyday life.

        Speaking of flying, while the dragon form benefits the cast, I can imagine it must also make you think twice sometimes when writing the comic. Like how authors of crime novels have to figure out ways to deprive the characters of cellphones at critical moments, because otherwise they could just call the police. (Cellphones are the bane of modern crime novels. I translate them, so I’ve seen so many cellphones breaking, running out of batteries, being forgotten in the car or being out of range.)

    • Ebonbolt

      If you like Nicole’s work, you might also check out Shattered Starlight (there’s a link by that name off to the right).

  • Vezera

    Oh, lord. I tried very hard not to burst out laughing at work at this.

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