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  • Jeff Eppenbach

    Ah, the place with the rocks that are confused about how rocks work.

    • anony

      They looked like normal rocks until some magic user decided to use them as targets, on purpose or accidentally.

    • Ilmari

      I don’t see anything particularly wrong with these rocks… it’s not like they’re flying this time… what is it I’m not seeing?

  • dwarrowdamned

    Ohhhhh my goSH Nicole what a gorgeous page!

  • Jeepers! The suffering produced something beautifully ominous though!

  • The town reminds me of something from the comic Groo.
    Great setting; I really like the sky and the effects on the water.

  • Ilmari

    Hey, aeronauts, you’re in luck – just aim the Trashy Gasbag for the water, not the rocks, and friction and bouyancy will sort you out!

  • Obakeinu

    Huh, this place looks like Keres has already paid them a visit.

    (Which could be a clever strategim to fool potential aggressors…)

    “Hey! Didn’t we destroy this place last month?”

    “Looks like it… who’s got that damn map?” :-p

  • spas

    an update is an update – we’ll take it!

  • Delta-v

    I’m not seeing a lot of landing strips there…..

    The Gasbag may be based on a boat, but does it still float? O.o

  • Nikary Flare

    My gosh how do you draw so great

  • Jac

    You say it’s suffering, but you make it look easy. This page is gorgeous. 🙂

  • Chaos85

    And then twist – the boat doesn’t float. =b

  • UrQuan3

    This looks to be a really cool city.
    I wonder what’s going on at the helm? I picture Kit and Nigel as trusting each other enough that they aren’t fighting over the controls.

  • Vezera

    Everyone can swim, right? Swimming’s okay?

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