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Page 438 published on 17 Comments on Page 438

As strange as it may seem from how low-key these past few pages are, I’ve been waiting to draw this scene for quite a while!

While I’m on the subject of long-awaited things, I’m really enjoying the beginning of Comics Year 2017 (even if it’s not 2017 yet…) I have about as little spare time as I figured I’d have, but I’m having a blast working! 😉 And I wanted to say thanks to everybody who’s been supporting me so far! 😀



  • Kat

    I’m curious to know who’s the one who *actually* does all the snoring xP

    • 1000% Larina 😉

      • VindictiveJudge

        Unless she can hear you speaking. Then it’s Sid.

  • Tokki Pen

    To ship or not to ship, that is the question.

    Though technically, either way, they are on a ship.

    • the ship is shipping ships to their destination! (maybe) 😉

      • RagnaBloodedge

        Hopefully Nigel can’t resist the braided pigtails…
        +5 to Ship.

    • sdgw1999

      Is it even a question, though? We both know you ship it.

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    These kinds of low-key pages may seem odd in a comic with such a regular release schedule, one page at a time. But they’re so important for the story as a whole. When people are reading through the comic front to back, once it’s all finished, these are going to feel smoother than the winds our heroes are flying on. 🙂

    And Nigel is calling Kit nicknames! 😀 They were always a good team, but it’s so… so… there’s a word that has yet to be invented to describe that feeling when two people are on the same page, (Pun totally intended.) even when they’re not fighting giant monsters and the like.

    • Delta-v

      “Compatibility” springs to mind. Or possibly “comradery”. 🙂

      “Skipper” is more of a title than a nickname, as it means “Captain of the ship”

      Oh, wait…… 🙂

      • Frank T. Morgan

        You…you did that on purpose! (Heh.) 😁

        • Delta-v


      • Ilmari

        In fact, it is just an English bastardisation of the Dutch word “Schipper”, literally “Shipper”!

        It originally didn’t refer to a captain though, but was used in the Dutch VOC fleets for the “master of the ship” who was the commander in all nautical matters but was subservient to the ship’s merchant in other things. Since then it has become generraly applied as you say, of course.

        I actually always refer to someone who ships characters as a skipper, so I was particularly amused by Nicole’s joke here. 😀
        … And I refuse to believe that it’s a coincidence. 😉

        • Even though I kinda want to preserve the illusion that it wasn’t an accident… I had no idea of the origins of the word, but they’re really cool! I can pretend that even if I didn’t know the joke… maybe Nigel did! 😉

  • Delta-v

    Larina isn’t the only one who’d say that…..

  • FennecFyre

    Ship-shippedy, ship-shippedy, ship ship shiree…

    • Storel

      Upvoted because there aren’t enough “Mary Poppins” puns nowadays. 😎

  • Vezera

    Can I just say, I really like their relationship? Whatever it is or is turning into, though I really like it as a friendship, I think it’s pretty great.

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