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  • VindictiveJudge

    You know, this (very pretty) picture kind of makes me miss Sigurd. Though I suppose he could be the one holding the camera.

    Congrats on the Kickstarter!

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      I’m going have to ask, with what? Last we saw, he was a little bit on the armless side.

      • VindictiveJudge

        Magic, I suppose? He was a pretty big fan of magic.

        • He’s got one arm left! And I did originally want to put him in the drawing, but I ran out of time/space in the picture XD (doesn’t help that he’s twice as tall and three times as wide as the rest of the cast…) XD

          • Soul

            This the best thing I ever read it has bloodshed, Funny pic and comments , and well…

            It is just plain out amazing love it plz don’t stop

  • Ilmari

    Hurrah! I would totally be partying with them, except (ironically) my extra webcomic-related spending comes out of my drinks budget… so I’m gonna have to be dry the rest of the month. :p

    • See, comics ARE good for your health!! XD

  • Kaunisenkeli

    The thought of Keres getting drunk might actually be scarier than the current political situation in the US. ono

    • Nah, Keres is a happy drunk 😉

      • Kaunisenkeli

        Well, at least there’s a universe out there where good news exists (okay, okay, there’s good news here; the Dutch did reject their homegrown hatemongers, so that’s something). 🙂

      • Ray

        But Keres likes to break things… I shudder to think what a drunkenly happy Keres would do.

  • LazyReader

    Oh sid, the man bun has taken hold

    • It’s what happens when everybody lets Larina do their hair 😉

      • LazyReader

        I Must commission, more man buns, MORE MAN BUNS

  • UrQuan3

    And so, in thank you for a successful kickstarter we get: a drunk llama.
    Love it.

  • Caitlin

    While I love them all, the ridiculousness of Zeph continues to be my fav.

    • WaytoomanyUIDs

      And being a goat he’ll probably eat the bottle as well.

      • Caitlin

        We can only hope.

  • Travis H

    Congratulations, Nicole! I couldn’t be any more prouder of you.

    I know that it’s a huge long shot, but will you be at the Regina Fan Expo in May?

  • dwarrowdamned
  • Iczerfae

    I wanna go to a place that will let goats in. Sounds like a fun place!

  • Congratulations!

    Also, Keres is a lightweight. Who knew?

  • LazyReader

    Man buns…………MAN BUNS

  • Vezera

    The thought of an utterly smashed Keres strikes me as oddly delightful.

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