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  • LazyReader

    Sid: Then who will, I’ll Guess I’ll have to write our tales for now…What could possibly go wrong

    • Alexis Casto

      This, I can’t even LOL.

      • Mionikoi


    • Atless Grimm

      You grabbed some firebrew didn’t you.

  • Ottbot

    Enjoy your vacation, Nicole!

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    Once again, SOMEBODY doesn’t care, as long as she has her coffee.

    • And, apparently, bunny slippers!

      • Plus I just realised those are probably pyjama bottoms above the bunny slippers, but throw a leather jacket on top, feed her coffee, and who’s going to notice?

        • Zixinus

          They think she’s just some new type of punk.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Behave while I’m gone, I can still ban you from the other side of the planet, it’ll just ruin my vacation a little more! ”
    Awww, no letting Zeph and Hellspawn loose?

  • mop

    yooo, we were getting regular updates?

  • I’ve done it. I’ve binged over 10 years worth of this comic, and it was worth every second of it.

    Have a fun vacation though!

  • FarSeeker8 .

    Take care and have fun. Don’t end up like certain characters we know and love.

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    At least my book arrived today, yay! I can go through that to tide me over in the meantime. πŸ™‚

  • Ian Franz Dresarie

    Well. I may have missed the Kickstarter, but at least Through this fact I saw the book being tweeted by some random person and therefor found my way here.
    I have so much to say that I won’t even try to write it all out.
    Nicole… Thank you. For your dedication to keep this running for ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS, for the awesome story, the many laughs and my new crush. (I just can’t resist those big blue eyes…)
    I am looking very much forward to future posts as well as the eventual second print.
    Keep going strong and thank you again!

  • gee beens

    I caught up. I am here. I’m updated. blesssssss.

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