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A bunch of boxes in a box dungeon!

A bunch of boxes in a box dungeon! published on 13 Comments on A bunch of boxes in a box dungeon!

This week’s page is running late, but in the meantime I have something for you guys (if you missed it on my twitter)! This week I got half of my Fey Winds books shipped to me! I spent an afternoon moving them into their proper dungeon storage space, so I can now safely check “haul 1015lbs of boxes around with my own two hands” off my bucket list! Luckily there’s still lots of room in the dungeon for the second half of the books (the hardcovers) when they get here!

SO!! The books look amazing (if I do say so myself) and I cannot wait to get them mailed out to backers (which will probably happen in July, after I finish all the rewards, go to my conventions and knock out an anthology short for a deadline in a few weeks.

Speaking of conventions: I’ll be at TCAF in Toronto, May 13-14th and VanCAF in Vancouver the week after that, May 20-21! I’ll have softcovers and maybe even hardcovers of Fey Winds – Book One, reprinted Shattered Starlight minis (the prologue chapter + bonus sketches), Valor Anthology copies, CFFTs, prints and stickers!!

One last bit of news: the ebook version of Fey Winds – Book One is available now on Gumroad for folks who may have missed out on the KS campaign and would like to pick it up! I’ll be selling print copies later this summer, but until then, the DRM-free PDF is available here:
Click here!

  • Travis H

    *jumps into the pile* Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!

    • Obakeinu

      Discovers the boxes are mimics… with sharp, pointy teeth. ;-p

    • I wouldn’t recommend it, the edges are pointy and I have the bruises to prove it! 😉

      • Travis H

        *groans* I did not think this through…………..

  • RagnaBloodedge
  • Taymanator

    I… I’ve done it! I’ve caught up! I can now check back constantly with that ol’ familiar yearning inside for a my questions about the future to be answered! I am absolutely going to recommend this comic to a friend of mine. Keep up the good work Nicole! 🙂

    • Yay!! Thanks for reading, I’m glad you like the comic so far!! 😀 I enjoyed reading your comments along the way too! <3

  • fookiesan

    That’s a lovely nail color, by the way…

  • Liv

    Congratulations!!! The books look amazing! Always happy to see one of my favorite webcomics become a book <3

  • FarSeeker8

    “They DO exist!”

  • Travis H

    How did I not notice the fox pillow until now !?!?!?!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Boxes in a box dungeon… were they bad?

  • UrQuan3

    This has got to be the fastest turn around of any Kickstarter I’ve ever backed. Thank you for all the work!

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